Future Spokesman for American Policing in the End Times

Photo by Gage Skidmore through Creative Commons.

Now had the tables been turned — and Joe, this’ll get me in trouble — had the tables been turned and President Trump won the election, and those were tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters, I might have been a little concerned. — Senator Ron Johnson

Thank You for the Photo and the Kind Words.

Photo by Caju Gomes on Unsplash

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

A Shamelessly Sarcastic Threat to Fight Fascism with…

Boycott the Conviction

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Photo by Tony Zhen on Unsplash
  1. All lives matter, including blue lives.
  2. Most police officers treat people of all races fairly.
  3. We should honor the good police, not focus on the bad ones.
  4. We shouldn’t discourage police and encourage rioters.
  5. It harms police departments to protest against them.
  1. Child molesters serve in…

An Understanding of the US Pandemic Response is Impolite

Photo by Giacomo Carra on Unsplash

The dumbest people I know are those who Know It All.

Malcolm Forbes

What Stupidity Isn’t and Is

  1. It’s not lack of intelligence. Intelligent people say and do stupid things. Einstein ruined his marriage to a wonderful woman. Newton misplaced his theory of gravity for years and would never have published it without Halley badgering him.
  2. It’s not ignorance. Accurate knowledge quickly and easily cures ignorance. Stupidity resists accurate knowledge. …

You and I Suffering

Photo by Oxana Lyashenko on Unsplash | What we saw then is where we stand now.

A Disagreement Between Motivational Speakers

Photo by Air Force Medical Service

Story Shared at a 911 Conference

Photo by Steven Shaffer on Unsplash

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