A Nonfictional Account of Love, Fear, and Politics

The owner of a car dealership held a “come-to-Jesus meeting.” He told employees to stop spreading their negative opinions about minorities, foreigners, and gays out loud in the showroom. His threats worked. Fear worked. The guys didn’t want to lose their jobs. They stopped.

The owner, no Liberal by a…

An Understanding of the US Pandemic Response is Impolite

Calling other people stupid makes you look bad. Failure to confront your own stupidity jeopardizes your future. This essay confronts my nation’s bipartisan failure in the face of the pandemic.

The dumbest people I know are those who Know It All.

Malcolm Forbes

What Stupidity Isn’t and Is

  1. It’s not lack of intelligence. Intelligent…

Tom Byers

Love, Meditation, Anthropology.

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